Springfarm Architectural Mouldings Limited (SAM)


SAM is the UK’s leading manufacturer of interior and exterior MDF mouldings.

Requirements: Microsoft Hyper-V environment, Datto Backup and Replication Solution.

Location: Mill Lane, Donington, Spalding, PE11 4TL

Website: https://www.samonline.co.uk/



Springfarm Architectural Mouldings Ltd. (SAM) recently made the decision to modernise and replace their physical servers in its Donington office. This required having the latest server software and hardware in place. The decision was taken to virtualise the environment. 



A Microsoft Hyper-V environment was created, thus providing the client resilience and failover. This solution would ensure greater performance and make administration easier too.

Backups were addressed with an up-to-date Datto Backup and Replication Solution.

We procured all required hardware and software, then completed the initial setup of the host, storage and other networking equipment in-house. This was then followed up by taking the equipment onsite to be installed. Once onsite instillation was complete, several virtual servers for individual roles were created remotely, in turn allowing us to begin data migration. This was all completed during working hours, ensuring no impact to the users in any way, shape or form. 

Once all the servers were ready to go live, our engineer liaised with SAM’s IT department for the final switch over. This took around a day to complete, however this was anticipated and scheduled prior to the event. SAM required all work to be completed during working hours, to which we were able to accommodate. 

We had previously installed an enterprise level security appliance, giving SAM heightened security for their network. Whilst installing the new servers, a site-to-site VPN (BOVPN) was also required, so all sites now had access to vital data and services.

Final tweaks were completed remotely, ensuring minimal impact to the customer.



We continue to provide ongoing support to SAM. Whether that’s remotely or onsite, fulfilling all requests and covering their entire IT infrastructure.