Tremont Garage

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Tremont Garage is a family-run Ford dealership and workshop based in Llandrindod Wells, Powys.

Requirements: Update infrastructure to become more robust

Location: Tremont Garage Limited, Tremont Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5EB




Tremont Garage made the decision to make their infrastructure more robust, update client PC’s and their current virtual machines that were out-of-date. 



Our first visit entailed mounting additional access points to the existing network. This was to improve the Wi-Fi signal for the workshop. The client requires a stable Wi-Fi connection that they can rely upon for their handheld tablets to work efficiently. An additional access point was also introduced in the office area, meaning users can now connect their laptops wirelessly.   

On our second visit we introduced some cable management solutions. A new data cabinet and switch were fitted. Unnecessary patch cables were removed, existing cables were re-patched/replaced and several backbone infrastructure cables were rerouted to enable this to happen.   

During the last visit we upgraded all client machines so the latest hardware technologies could be enjoyed, along with the latest operating system. All data was migrated, and bespoke software reinstalled and configured as per client specification. Office 365 SharePoint was also introduced, to provide another way of accessing data remotely.

The current host already boasted a relatively recent server operating system; therefore, the current job was to replace their outdated, soon to be EOL virtual servers operating system to a more current and supported version. We introduced a new multi-server environment to ensure each reconstructed machine could handle a specific role and purpose. In addition, we introduced a solid backup solution to provide peace of mind for the client.