Cloud Computing

Increasingly, Cloud-based solutions are being used by companies of all sizes. From online backup and hosted applications, to email and hosting there is a convenient solution for almost everyone. We provide a range of services to suit.

> Private Cloud – services within your company

Virtualisation of servers and client desktop PCs is one of our preferred solutions. Using your current hardware to run more than one operating system concurrently will improve your business operations significantly - if configured correctly. We partner with the experts in this field and can provide you with a range of solutions and the support to match.

> Public Cloud – paid services hosted outside your company

Public Cloud (off-site) systems, usually with a monthly fee, take the hassle out of maintaining a system in-house and can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses. ‘Enterprise-grade’ systems are available for:

  • Hosted Applications - including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint providing flexibility and access from any location.
  • Hosted Servers – for websites, application access and storage - without the investment and maintenance costs of in-house equipment.
  • Hosted Telephony - offer feature-rich systems with full control and allow collaboration for companies across different geographical sites and/ or employing home workers.