We strongly believe that a proactive approach to planning can have a positive effect on all of our projects during installation and support stages.

Many of our longest serving clients initially contacted us at a critical stage of their business development. In the majority of cases their existing infrastructure was beginning to fail as a result of business growth, or simply the age of the equipment was beginning to take it's toll. Although we are comfortable stepping in to help with quick-fire solutions, we always have the reliability of your IT systems at the forefront of our minds. Therefore planning ahead becomes an integral part of our service offering.


We regularly help our clients with the planning and installation of the following services:


Overhaul Infrastructure 

In some instances out-dated infrastructure can be the root of issues experienced. This can be the case with IT when it comes to systems that have been neglected, had no future growth built in or just simply become aged. 

Understanding the needs of your company can allow us to tailor a full Infrastructure overhaul in a way that you require. Updating or even replacement requires careful planning crucial to minimise or eliminate down time, identifying risk and contingency. This can be from the ground up, a cable re-wire or even an office move.

virtualisation  and cloud  

Virtualisation of servers is an increasingly popular solutions. Using your current hardware to run more than one operating system concurrently will improve your business operations significantly - if configured correctly.

Increasingly, Cloud-based solutions are being used by companies of all sizes. From online backup and hosted applications, to email and web hosting there is a convenient solution for almost everyone. We provide a range of services to suit.

Plans for future growth 

We understand that your business doesn’t just live in the here and now - Future planning is key to a successful business! Our clients rely on us for guidance on how to use IT effectively and make it part of the business growth strategy. 

We will put together a long term plan to make sure the IT infrastructure has the ability to grow in harmony with you. As an Independent IT Support company we are not limited to set products but are excited about technology as a whole and like to discuss them with our clients in plain English. 


Disaster Recovery Strategy 

From a simple backup to a full contingency and disaster recovery plan we have it covered. We design and implement plans to suit your budget and requirements whether you can manage with a 48-hour recovery plan or if you need an immediate real –time recovery solution.

Loan equipment is available to our contract clients as standard. Our priority is to get your business up and running as quickly as possible and we will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Upgrade VOIP Systems 

A good VOIP (Voice Over IP) system can provide significant benefits for a company. We supply systems which offer unified communications, call recording, mobile twinning and remote device features. 

Talk to us whether you are considering an in-house system or would prefer a fully-hosted system.

Broadband Consultancy 

We can arrange, supply and configure a range of internet connectivity solutions including: leased line, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and more.  We first sit down with you to analyse your current and future usage and the specific requirements of your business. Then we take the stress out dealing with suppliers by liaising on your behalf, sorting out the technology and finally getting everything up and running.


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