Kat takes on a new role to inspire future entrepreneurs

Last year I came across a great programme called Big ideas Wales and was impressed with what the project was about. I was instantly hooked and proceeded to look into how I could get involved. 

So last month I took a first step in order to become Role Model as part of the pan-Wales project.   

In case you never heard about it Big Ideas Wales campaign is part of the Business Wales service and are there to support the next generation of young entrepreneurs in Wales!  It is Inspiring future entrepreneurs and provides lots of support to help them start their own business.  As part of this program they have a network of Role Models to deliver Inspirational workshops in secondary and Higher education schools to give a bit of an insight of what running a business involves.   If you did want to find out more about project you can visit their website;  https://businesswales.gov.wales/bigideas/ 

In order to get started I attended Role model induction session in Bridgend in January. Not knowing what to expect from it and with my nerves of public speaking in the way I was very pleasantly surprised.    In a day and a half I have met other fellow Role Models and have had opportunity not only to learn more about project and what is expected of us, how best to deliver our workshops  but also to hear other inspiring role model stories.  This made me realise on just how important it is for us to share our stories and experiences and to help next generation to be able to achieve and do more. 

I feel honoured to be part of the project and am looking forward in doing my bit for the community to make a difference and hopefully inspire a young entrepreneur to take a step in following their dream and starting a business.  As part of the Role model network and some further training I hope I can get involved in not only delivering inspirational workshops but also be part of mentoring and boot camp project too.  I feel very excited about opportunities that this will provide for next generation here in Powys. 

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