Working in partnership with Ysgol Calon Cymru

As you already know, we’re very excited to be an active part of the Business in the Community program, which has enabled us to work closely with our local high school to improve the opportunities available to the students.

For those of you who missed our previous article – last year we partnered with local business Pixelhaze and together, we’ve committed to work with Ysgol Calon Cymru through the Business Class program.

As we’ve progressed, we are pleased to say that the partnership is working well and is still going strong. 


So, what has been going on since our last article?

We’ve been working closely with the school and its students (our daughter included), to establish their needs and discover what we could offer to provide further opportunities that may enhance their inquisitive minds.

It was agreed we would run a lunch-hour Tech club for a term to see how it worked. Last term we had a great opportunity to work with enthusiastic Year 8 pupils from the Builth Campus, delivering 6 lunch time sessions. The response was great, and the students were a pleasure to work with.   

Sessions were delivered in two parts;

Building a website and flyer

For the first 3 sessions, Elwyn from Pixelhaze taught students how to create a marketing flyer using Canva app and how to build a website on Squarespace. Workshops were based around the DT department and their products/ stands which they will showcase at the upcoming Smallholding and Countryside Festival, held at the Royal Welsh Showground. It was amazing to work with pupils and to see so many great ideas.

Back to basics of IT

Second part of the Tech club was delivered by Mike from 5c Services Ltd and was all about getting back to basics of IT.  Mike taught students about basic components in the PC and their roles.  Following a discussion, each student had a PC which they were able to take apart and put back together. A process that all students enjoyed, and we are happy to say successfully completed. 

I’m sure the students will agree, when I say that Tech club was a great success and enjoyed by all.  I learnt a great deal myself by helping both Elwyn and Mike, and hopefully, the students have too. 

We are looking forward to developing our partnership further and working with Llandrindod Campus next.  I will keep you posted on the exciting things to come.     

If you wanted to find out more about Business Class and how it works please visit;


Business in the Community defines a responsible business as one that puts creating healthy communities and a healthy environment at the center of its strategy to achieve long term financial value. Here in Wales Business in the Community (BITC) Cymru are working with the Welsh Government and Careers Wales to bring the program to every part of the country.