Head in the Clouds....

It’s a title you expect to associate with words like day-dreaming, fantasy, fiction....

But Cloud Computing is not any of these words.   Its Real, has been used for many years and is increasing in popularity.   There are a few reasons some are still reluctant though to binning the file server in the cabinet and hoping on the next data cloud destined for the skies and some are happy to host all their services with someone else.  These are just a couple of main questions we at 5c Services get asked when discussing Cloud computing services with our clients:

‘Errr – i know of it but what can i do with it?’   -  Lots.  

Most of the elements of computing can be hosted in the cloud.  A few include : File Access, Backups, Email, Domain services , Remote management , CRM System , Database Server,  Phone systems, Accounts application .... The list goes on....

  • With such a vast list of hosted offerings it’s important to take the time to cost up the alternatives correctly - don’t just see the cheap monthly figure and assume that’s it.  Work out total costs for all required users and any additional add-ons over a set period of time and compare this to a in-house solution (don’t forget to add any equipment & setup needed!) as well as ongoing maintenance.
  • Identify your current connectivity - are your connections fast enough and stable enough to handle the traffic?  Money spend in these areas as well as monitoring will lower the main frustration with hosted services , especially if there have been moved from a on-premise solution.

‘i don’t think it safe?’   -  With security related news only showing major failings people often question this and rightly so, but strangely its often the people who use these hosted services for all their private purchase, communication, banking etc.  Many even use hosted services without thinking about it.  My answer is usually it’s generally safer than you think.... in fact its more secure than someone getting though that ageing firewall appliance onto your network as the password is the default one... (it usually does the trick!).  With more competition for your business hosted providers look at security as a sales point - high encryption methods, 2 factor logins, certifications from security bodies are all setup to help win you over.  So my answer is ‘its not safe, but it is usually much more secure.'

Its just a couple of Frequently asked question for a ever increasing method of computing.  If people didn’t like Cloud Computing then it wouldn’t be gaining in popularity.  Here at 5C Services we say embrace this technology but do (or get someone to) your homework.  It may suite your business and it may not.