The Antivirus conundrum

We’ve all heard it before “make sure your antivirus is up to date!” or “Oh… you use THAT Antivirus?! I think the one I use is so much better…” so how do we know what product to choose to defend ourselves against all of those virtual-nastys looming around in the big-wide-world-web?

With Avast, Eset, Mcafee, Norton, Symantec, Kaspersky, Trend, Sophos and 100+ other options being thrown at you you’ll be asking yourself some important questions; what’s right for you and your business? Is there REALLY any difference between them? And couldn’t I just get away with it and not bother?

To answer the latter question is an easy one. Yes, yes you should bother. In 2015 an estimated 84 million new malware samples were detected which is 9 million more than the previous year and it is only expected to grow. The rule is simple, if you’re on the internet you’re at risk.

Now you need to decipher what would be suitable for you? There are a lot of factors you need to consider. What is the size of your business? i.e. How many workstations? How many servers? Are you looking for a managed software? How much control do you want the users to have? Or do you want a single administrator to manage everything? Once you’re able to answer these important questions you’ll be able to start narrowing down what’s right for you.

The question of “is there any difference between them?” is an interesting one as it will take an article a lot longer than this to distinguish what the difference between each product is. But needless to say, there are some fundamental differences and they all stem from what you want/need from an Antivirus. For example; if you are a 1-person business then you wouldn’t need Kaspersky’s Enterprise Security Suite but on the flip side if you’re a multi user business with Terabytes of data you wouldn’t want to be running an a free out-of-date Microsoft Windows Defender.

So remember, choosing the right antivirus for your business is as essential as remembering your wife’s birthday and they’ll both land you in trouble if you choose incorrectly!