The Great Office Reshuffle

It was the famous philosopher Taylor Swift that said “This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change” and although we got the ‘new year’ bit wrong we, at 5c Services decided to redesign and update the 5c Services office. 

So, armed with cardboard mock-ups, a tape measure and an in-copious amount of coffee we decided to undertake the challenge of not only redesigning the office layout but significantly updating the network infrastructure.

The new 5c Services office layout

The new 5c Services office layout

Whether it be for our own office or our customers we ensure that some key points are taken into consideration during a move;  

  • Identify your requirements. Why are you moving your office? To make more space? To update network infrastructure? or is it just to declutter?   
  • Audit equipment. Always take stock and note of equipment. It will make for recommissioning a lot easier! 
  • Future proofing. Like most offices spaces, physical space is a commodity so we wanted to ensure that we could utilise the most floor space allowing for more desk space.
  • Down time. When can you afford to be ‘down’? Moving office takes time and resources, ensure that you have some form of phone communication between you and your customers 
  • Declutter. Changing offices is always a fantastic opportunity to get rid of all that surplus equipment and office supplies that are taking up valuable space

For us, the process took 2 days. But, the result was more desk space for prospective new employees, a fibre connection from the server cabinet to the office, an updated network infrastructure throughout the office and updated PC’s for all employees. 

Moving offices can be stressful. A survey done by E.ON found that moving premises is the second most stressful thing a manager has to deal with. As a result, 78% of companies delay in moving their office! But speaking from experience the pluses far out weight the negatives. In the end your left with happy staff (who doesn’t like change?!) an efficient, fast network infrastructure and an office you and your employees can be proud to work in…just don’t ask Mike about his beloved office chair (we had to prise it off him!). 

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