What is VoIP, can it save me money?

The method of VoIP (Voice over IP) is not new, for years people have been making voice calls over the internet but still assume that office phone systems should remain on ISDN connections.


ISDN is dead. 

In fact BT shall be switching off ISDN by 2025.  It sounds a long way in the future but as many phone companies are happy to sign you up to a 5-7 deal (this way they can provide ‘free’ calls), it will soon be around the corner.  

So what are my VoIP options?

The 2 main options are:

In-house (referred to as On Premise) where by you purchase the equipment and maintain.  You then purchase SIP lines which essentially are the ‘trunk’ or ‘line’ the VoIP calls run through.  Depending on provider this can allow 1 or many concurrent calls via a good internet connection playing the provider a monthly line cost + calls.

Hosted service is where the provider maintain the equipment and charge a monthly cost per user per line. Many also provide free minutes as standard.

Both options provide benefits over ISDN options and with its end getting closer, it is time to start looking at the best option for you.

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