Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre (MFCC) recently made the decision to modernise and replace their physical servers.

Requirements: Modernise and replace existing physical servers
Location: Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre, Tŷ Canol House, Newtown, Powys, SY16 1AL

MFCC have been a customer of 5c services for 8 years, they have seen our organisation nearly triple in size over the last few years and their bespoke service has ensured our IT needs have been met every step of the way. 5c have always made time for face to face meetings and thanks to their specialist advice we have been able to adapt and future proof our system to match our growing needs. 5c’s reliable service is excellent value for money with a first-rate response time to any of our IT issues and their professional, award winning team are never too busy to put our mind at ease, I can’t recommend them enough.
— Fleur Frantz-Morgans - Senior Area Administrator - Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre - Newtown

The Brief

Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre (MFCC) recently made the decision to modernise and replace their physical servers.  This required having the latest server software and hardware in place. The decision was taken to virtualize the environment including converting their current physical servers to virtual ones. 

Our Solution

A VMware environment was created, thus giving the client resilience and failover. This solution would ensure best performance and making administration easier too. Backups were addressed with an up to date Veeam Backup & Replication solution.

We procured all required hardware and software, then completed the initial setup of the host, storage and other networking equipment in-house .  This was then followed up by taking it onsite to be installed. Once installed onsite, several virtual servers for individual roles were created remotely, and this in turn allowed us to start data migration. All this was done during working hours, with no impact to the users in any way, shape or form.

Once all the servers were ready to go live, one of our engineers was onsite for the final switch over, which took approximately 90 minutes, but this was anticipated and scheduled with the client, as they required any work to be done, to be in working hours.

At this point, the up to date hardware was in place, but a new, modern wifi solution was also required, which we managed to configure and install quite easily, thanks to our qualified Ubiquity Enterprise Wireless Administrators (UEWA), using the latest technology available.

An enterprise level security appliance was already in place, which we installed previously, giving the client heightened security for their network, but a site-to-site VPN (BOVPN) was also required whilst installing the new servers, so all sites now had access to vital data and services.

Final tweaks were done remotely and again with minimal impact to the customer.

Since then we have also provided ongoing support, be it remotely or onsite, fulfilling any of the clients requests, which covers their entire infrastructure.