Want things secure? - mess it up!

It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is it is essential to keep your data safe, and we would like to remind you all on how crucial this may be to you or your business.

There is no perfect solution, but it’s something you should all be happy with – if you worry about it at night or haven’t thought about it at all then its best to start with asking some question about your digital data:

With mobile computing on the rise, it’s important to secure data kept on these devices. If devices are misplaced or stolen, login passwords can be bypassed and data extracted for criminals.


So how do you secure your data??

Well, the answer is pretty simple. You need to mess it up or if in technical terms ‘encrypting’ your data is the answer. Data encryption can prevent data from being easily accessible by making the data ‘scrambled’. Encryption can be applied to most devices relatively cheaply and provides a method of keeping your data safe. This method requires a ‘decrypting’ part so it can make the data useful for the user. Without a simple method, its more likely to be a system which gets frustrating or half used – not much use when you want to keep your data safe.

There are three elements of encryption we recommend. That to keep your device secure in case of loss or theft and file/folder encryption to keep data safe from data loss or breach as well as email encryption ensuring any email is secure thorough transit.

When considering data security, it is worth thinking about other things in your business, like password management and limiting the file/folder access as well as remote access. Also, don’t forget to look and address physical security of your data and company assets

There are many solutions and options available, but to find a solution that is best for your business needs, there are many factors to consider and asses.

At 5c Services, we can supply and install solutions to match all these options from leading suppliers such as Sophos and Cirius to secure a range of devices and services including Mobile devices, server’s workstations and email. With digital security requirements on the rise to match threats, it’s essential to think about your data and the impact if it when into someone else’s hands…

Feel free to contact us to discuss options for your business.

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