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To most we’re just a faceless voice on the end of the phone, there to (hopefully) be their knights in shining armour and to fix all of their IT woes.

But what’s a day in the life of that faceless voice at 5c Services actually like? Do we simply plug ourselves into the Matrix and become lost in a world of descending green code? Well, no, I’m afraid not, but what DO we actually do?

With cups of tea in hand the doors swing open at 8:00am and voice mail, company emails and support tickets are checked and distributed accordingly. Like a lot of support companies we deal with business that start early and finish late so it’s important to check those enquiries that have come in during the course of the night to ensure that there isn’t anything urgent.

Normally, the first couple of hours of the day can be our busiest – this is normally down to Windows Updates, PC restarts or people simply tend to manage their administration first thing in the morning, which in turn, tends to mean giving us a call! All phone calls that come through the office Manager who is the first port of call, they filter the calls (getting rid of all those pesky sales calls) and distribute the calls to each Engineer whilst writing up a brief description of the problem and adding it to our in-house CRM.

Unlike a lot of other support companies we don’t rely on email-only-support so when the tickets are coming in we ensure we pick up that phone and speak to someone. Not only does this add a certain personal touch but it also allows the engineers to ascertain any details that could have been missed in an email.

But the days aren’t all drinking tea and sitting in front of a computer screen. On a daily basis we have engineers out on site dealing with everything from replacing keyboards to scrambling around in a ‘rat-run’ of floor spaces laying cable. Any onsite job adds a level of excitement and really utilises all of the engineer skills where either it be working at height installing Access Points in a warehouse or discussing and planning a network upgrade with a company Director.

The office is always a hive of activity with engineers coming in and out, phones ringing, servers whirring and brains ticking but this is what makes a day at 5C exciting. Days are varied and never the same with each day presenting different problems and challenges and inevitably… solutions. 

“Normal people believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet”

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