Unify Your Airwaves!

Wi-Fi is fantastic…when it’s properly implemented! The rest of the time it can be a right headache. At 5C, we have seen our fair share of problems.

From the old, out of date access points with seemingly 2m range to multiple access points in one building all talking over each other. It also seems that security is often forgotten; with password-free access and ‘guests’ using the business’ private network having free reign of the companies data.

At 5C we offer an enterprise level unified Wi-Fi system from UBIQUITI®. The system gives complete coverage of any size site. You just add as many or as few access points as you require. The system is totally scalable. With this, you will be able to roam freely through your site never disconnecting and always on the same network. If you ever want to extend your network, we just simply add more access points.

To prepare for installs, we will conduct a full scale Wi-Fi audit of the premises to establish the most effective placement of the access points. This also determines the number of access points required to provide excellent cover and service.

The next stage is key; the configuration! The UniFi® system can easily provide a secure business private network. As we always promote business best-practice we offer to setup a separate ‘Guest’ network. This restricts guest users having any access to company data and servers.

Following this, we conduct wireless testing throughout the site. Once we’re happy the system is functioning as it should, we hand they keys over to you. The system is designed to be easily accessible so if the customer so requires, we will show them how to access the portal and take control. However, if the customer isn’t comfortable with this we, at 5c, can manage all aspects of the wireless network remotely via the cloud, securely and without any disruption to the customer. 

So next time you look at your Wi-Fi, think about how it could be better? Gone have the days of simply using Wi-Fi to get onto your Social Media. In the manufacturing world we’re seeing tablets being used to wirelessly collate data and in the office environment we’re seeing people being unshackled from the desk and having the freedom to work wirelessly.

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