Tackling GDPR

Guess what the topic has been for the last few months?

Well if you guessed the variable cost of RAM you would have been half right….

The other half you can guess was GDPR and security…..


With GDPR looming there were frequent requests from clients to spend time with their data, looking on how it’s used, stored and protected.  Alongside this there have been many requests to get certified with Cyber Essentials (CE).  Although not linked to GDPR the CE certification provides a great level of security checks and ‘best practices’ a company can follow to help with the fight of cybercrime.  We recommend to all businesses to become certified at some level (there are two levels – Essentials & Plus), Cyber Essentials is also assisting with businesses towards there GDPR compliance by helping to answer the questions on how data is secured.

5c Services has assisted our clients with their path of being secure with some of the following:

  • Device and folder encryption – This provides a very strong method to prevent data loss by ‘scrambling’ data only usable with the correct keys, Device encryption can help with loss of devices (Laptop, USB media etc)
  • Vulnerability testing  - checks are done trying to access the network looking for security holes which can be exploited.  Knowing these holes means remedial work can be implemented 
  • Patch management – Automatic monitoring and scanning of installed application to fix known security issues
  • 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) – a great method to provide extra layer of security to access systems remotely (e.g Webmail, Remote desktops etc)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)  - allowing for control of mobile devices, policy rules and ‘containerisation’ of work data (including on personal devices)
  • Backup solutions – Encrypted backups for whole server or key data

As you can imagine the list goes on….

Please remember you Data security should be a permanent solution and you should be looked at not just for GDPR but also commercially.  With Cybercrime always increasing please take action now!

…. And by the way, yes some RAM costs have increased by over 175% in a 18month period!

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